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Building Connection in the Workplace – Bristlecone Holdings

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If there is one industry that is perceived as cold and uncaring, it’s finance. Banks, credit card companies, asset management firms, and insurance companies.  They are not usually known for their customer care. Our guest today will explain how one finance company provides exceptional care not only to its customers, but its employees as well.

Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to Kelsey Martin, Chief People Officer at Bristlecone Holdings in Reno, Nevada. Bristlecone provides consumer leasing to several niche markets, and has distinguished itself by diving deeper into the data spectrum. Their mission is to redefine creditworthiness, and by doing so have helped many consumers who would not otherwise be able to obtain financing. In our interview, Kelsey describes how she has helped Bristlecone serve its employees and connect with them through simple but effective engagement strategies. Listen in and prepare to take your business to the next level!

Kelsey’s Bio: Kelsey Martin is the Chief People Officer of Bristlecone Holdings, an alternative consumer finance company. She oversees its culture, human resources processes, policies and procedures, and talent development.

About the company: Bristlecone is a group of individuals frustrated by current financing options. Kelsey described it like this: “Like our customers, we survived the Great Recession. Like our merchants, we adapted to a changing market. We knew we weren’t alone. We set out to build financing that made more sense for everyday people.”

We partnered with the smartest and the best to build a more resilient, reliable and accessible finance model. We found those with shared values to collaborate in our mission. We work with the most trusted retailers in each market. We strive to delight our customers with prime customer service. Together, we want to revolutionize consumer finance using modern technologies.
You’ll discover:

  • Why it’s important for Bristlecone to care for its customers as well as engage its employees.
  • The importance of defining your workplace culture.
  • What it means for Bristlecone to have a “ranch-style” culture, and how it helps employees feel more engaged.
  • A simple and fun practice they use to publicly recognize employees, and how it connects to their three core values of innovate, empower, and serve.
  • How Bristlecone’s focus on employee connection has impacted their turnover rate and created culture of appreciation.
  • Why the company is different than other financial institutions that serve lower-credit customers.
  • What Kelsey will be working on this year to help employees stay connected, and how it will continue to help their workplace feel like an extended family.

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