Is it Really Fun to Work at WithumSmith+Brown? A Look From the Inside


Can an accounting firm actually be a fun place to work? Years ago I interviewed Bill Hagaman, CEO and Managing Partner of WithumSmith+Brown. Since I’m a recovering accountant, I was very intrigued to have Bill on the show. We don’t think of an accounting firm as a place where people have fun, but they have established a business culture that is enjoyable and growth-oriented.

Since including Bill in my book, I decided to revisit this culturally elite company and talk with one of their employees, Aaron Slaughter.  Adam is a Senior Manager in Withum’s Washington, D.C. office.  He specializes in providing top-notch assurance, auditing, tax, and accounting services to multiemployer benefit plans and labor organizations across the U.S.

This is an interesting conversation because not only does he work for Withum, but the office he is in is one they bought to expand their territory.  Adam, therefore, had to move into the Withum Way.  I found out, WithumSmith+Brown really does walk their talk.

As a refresher, here are the components of the Withum Way.

The Ten Elements of the Withum Way

  1. Think Client Centrically
  2. Possess a Vision for Growth
  3. Welcome Innovation and Change
  4. Maintain a Cooperative Attitude
  5. Demand Integrity
  6. Cultivate Open and Honest Relationships
  7. Embrace the Family Spirit
  8. Work hard/Play hard
  9. Give Back
  10. Live Life Passionately

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