The FUN roundtable experience, FRE, was designed to create collaboration across industries in a short amount of time. This diversity of knowledge produces great value and ideas you can implement immediately.

FRE - How does it work?

The Topic Leader proposes a relevant question in regards to business culture

LinkedIn events are used to invite people to contribute their ideas. A list is created of interested participants

The Roundtable is a Zoom Meeting and a hands-on and camera-on group activity

When signing into the Zoom Meeting, participants are quickly sorted into breakout rooms

One of our collaboration team members will be assigned to each room

Break-out groups will be given their own whiteboard, with their question stated on it

The break-out group will have 12 minutes to post their ideas to the Jamboard

Participants contribute using sticky notes in Jamboard.
**Pro Tip -- keep your ideas concise and precise so people can read them

Here is a short tutorial on how to use the Jamboard.

Here is a short tutorial on how to minimize your screen and still stay in touch with your break-out room while using Jamboard.

A message will broadcast when time is up and the break-out rooms will close Participants will be transported back to the general session.

The activity in the breakout rooms is not recorded, but the written ideas on the Jamboard are preserved. The discussion about the best ideas in the general session is recorded, which can be reviewed later on.

The formal part of the FRE ends with an informal networking after-party.

Equally important to the generation of good ideas is a consistent follow-up. So, here is what are we going to do next.

After the FRE ends, participants will get:

An e-book containing the following:

  • Screenshots of all the Jamboards with the best idea accentuated and a list of participants in that room
  • Articles relating to the particular topic of the month
  • Additional resource links