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How to Create a Purposeful, Passionate Tribe with Garry Ridge from WD-40

My guest today is Garry Ridge. He joined WD-40 in 1987 and became its CEO ten years later. WD-40 Company is a global marketing organization dedicated to creating positive lasting memories by developing and selling products that solve problems in workshops, factories and homes around the world.

A native of Australia, Garry is passionate about the learning and empowering organizational culture he has helped establish at the WD-40 Company. His vision and leadership have positively impacted the WD-40 Company in both measurable and immeasurable ways.

Listen for the keys to creating a successful tribe.

You’ll discover:

  • How to create purposeful passionate people
  • The power of belonging
  • Caring can be tough-minded and tender-hearted
  • The magic potion of Care, Candor, Accountability and Responsibility
  • The WD40 Maniac Pledge

For more information about Garry and WD-40:

WD40 Website
Garry on LinkedIn
Garry on Twitter
Soul Sucking CEO

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