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tristan white

Tristan White is the founder & CEO of The Physio Co, a unique healthcare business that has ranked as one of Australia’s 50 Best Places to Work for eleven consecutive years (2009-2019), along with being named one of the Best Workplaces in Asia from 2015-2018. No wonder I wanted him on my podcast.  Tristan White understands the importance of core purpose and core values.  He has grown it through necessity.  Tristan has developed a program called, Culture is Everything Kickstarter.  It is based on four key areas:

  • Discover the core
  • Document the future
  • Execute relentlessly
  • Show more love

Each piece has its own specific points.  Here is a sample:

Can EVERY team member recite your core purpose?
Do you have a ten-year obsession that acts as your North Star?
Is your culture reinforced with a short, specific story of a core value being lived at every daily huddle?
Does every new team member get a memorable & supportive welcome on their first day?

For more information about Tristan and The Physio Co :

Tristan’s Website

The Physio Co Website

Tristan on Twitter

Tristan on LinkedIn

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