How to Flourish. It Doesn’t Need to be Hard, with Tonille Miller

tonille miller

My guest is Tonille Miller, Global VP of Culture and Employee Experience at Startek.  Tonille is passionate about improving the human experience at work while driving the optimal performance of people and organizations.  This combination is a focus of the Businesses that Care podcast.

Startek is a customer engagement business process outsourcing company.  Their goal is to deliver deeper relationships through better customer insights and interactions.  Startek has three goals:

  • Influence positive behavior
  • Shape brand perceptions
  • Create loyal advocates

As an organizational psychologist, Tonille Miller has spent the past 15 years as a consultant, executive coach and researcher.  Her focus has been looking at what people need to be highly productive, engaged and flourishing. She believes, it is easier than you think.  In this episode, Tonille shares how this is possible. The key is to remember is that sometimes leadership makes it a lot harder than it needs to be.  By focusing on the basics and flaunting authenticity, taking a brand to a higher level can be done with commitment and ease.

For more information about Tonille:

Tonille Miller’s Website

Tonille on Twitter

Tonille on LinkedIn

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