Tasty Catering – From Rock Bottom to 10,000 Events a Year with Tom Walter

tasty catering

In this episode, I interview my guest, Tom Walter, Chief Culture Officer of Tasty Catering based out of Chicago.  They produce over 10,000 events yearly.  WOW!  Tasty has been recognized as the Best Small Workplace in the US according to Forbes Magazine, Inc. Magazine, and the #1 Best Place to Work in Illinois.  Tom is going to share with us the journey of Tasty’s millennial cultural revolt that happened over 13 years ago and the changes Tom and his leadership had to make.  We might even get some information on the hedgehog concept and the Flywheel.  Thanks, Tom for taking the time to share your expertise.

Here is Tasty Catering’s Core Values:

#1 always moral, ethical & legal

#2 treat all with respect

#3 quality in everything we do

#4 high service standards

#5 competitiveness: strong determination to be the best

#6 an enduring culture of individual discipline

#7 freedom & responsibility within the culture of individual discipline


For more information about Tasty Catering and Tom Walter:

Company Website

Tom Walter on Facebook

Tom Walter on LinkedIn

Tasty Catering on Twitter

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