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Most companies don’t view interns as an integral part of their culture or strategy. At best, they view interns as a sap on company resources and energy. What happens when a company decides to focus on interns not only as a way to serve those students, but also as a way to develop talent for the company and invest in the community? Today’s guest gives us the answer.

I’m happy to interview Jennifer Trakhtenberg on today’s episode. She is the Senior Talent Leader at ClearVision, a B2B company that was recently recognized as one of the best companies to work for in the state of New York. Here is a short list of what is important at ClearVision: open communication; continuous improvement for our employees, customers, and community; a passion for grooming talent; investment in learning & development opportunities; a commitment to wellness; and a penchant for fun. Jennifer shares how ClearVision takes these values from concepts to reality through its innovative approach to internships. Don’t miss this episode that is filled with practical and actionable ideas you can implement today.

Jen’s Bio: Jen Trakhtenberg is an experienced human resources professional dedicated to growing teams, building employee programs, and developing tools to enhance the workplace. She has held leadership roles in HR functions at Morgan Stanley,, and most recently at ClearVision Optical. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Binghamton University with a Business Management degree and concentrations in Human Resources & Marketing. She then pursued a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at NYU, and obtained a Certificate in International Studies & Executive Coaching.

Jen has a genuine passion for using creativity to improve organizational culture and infusing fun into the corporate environment. She is a cheerleader for instilling core values in how work gets done, and focuses leadership efforts on everything related to people, culture, and philanthropic giving. She currently oversees the Talent Management function & team for ClearVision Optical with an emphasis on cultivating an engaging & fun company culture.

She leads the effort to identify top talent through recruitment, assessment & retention. She also developed and designed the company’s dynamic intern training program, from which over 14 full-time hires have been made. Jen’s personable approach has led her to become a coach and mentor to many in the areas of performance management, team building, & talent development. She is invested in employees’ wellbeing and growth, offering an array of trainings for ongoing education. She also helps deliver innovative philanthropic efforts, holiday celebrations, motivational exercising, and exciting networking activities that keep employees engaged.

You’ll discover:

  • How’s Jennifer’s positive experience as an intern shaped her commitment to serving interns in her current role.
  • How ClearVision uses its internship programs to develop talent and create opportunities for students as well as the company.
  • Why a company’s culture is such a vital part of its overall success.
  • Various ways that ClearVision creates a culture of openness, listening, and feedback.
  • How ClearVision’s culture has resulted in low employee turnover.
  • What it means to be part of the “Junior Justice League.”
  • How ClearVision uses reverse mentoring to improve the company.
  • What kind of feedback ClearVision has received from their interns.
  • What Jennifer is working on next.

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