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Strategic Disengagement

This episode of Mere Mortals Unite explores the super power solution strategic disengagement. In a world where over 200 million emails are sent each day, it’s no wonder that there appears to be no time to relax. However, the importance of disengaging is a necessity for mental and physical well-being. Your health directly affects the work you do and the relationships you have. Your success in business is directly proportionate to your successful relationships. So learning how to strategically disengage is a pathway to better organizations and a healthier you.  

You’ll discover:

  • How to identify your stress triggers
  • Benefits of relieving stress
  • Advantages of disengagement
  • Ideas for creating “me” time

strategic disengagement

Links & Resources

Apps:  Headspace, Calm, Centered, Breathing
Why Sitting is the New Smoking
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