Tractor Mechanic to Rocket Scientist with Steve Craft


The best way to describe this episode of Mere Mortals Unite is to share what Steve Craft has to say about himself:

“I like to live in the world of ideas and possibilities, yet I’m always conscious of going beyond ideas and actually implementing them – getting stuff done. I enjoy creating new partnerships, promoting cutting-edge strategies and developing innovative knowledge management systems and technologies. I love discovering original ingenious concepts that make the world a better place.”

You’ll discover:

  • What stops you from acting on your ideas
  • How to create a vision for implementation
  • The idea that it’s never too late
  • The power of persistence and resilience
  • How the experts can keep you down
  • The importance of perspective
  • Steps to “get it done”
    • Imagination
    • Believe in it
    • Put together a plan
    • Invite others that have diverse opinions
    • Create an active team that empowers people

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