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Create a WOWplace to Work with Sandy Geroux


Sandy Geroux is the President of WOWplace International.  Her focus is creating a workplace where people (not just nameless, faceless employees) love to go because they make a difference.  She knows if you want to engage your workforce, you must connect with them on a deeper level and allow them to feel as valued and respected at work as they are at home. Help them see how their daily efforts contribute to the success of not only the organization as a whole, but also (especially important for our younger workers) how they can build a fulfilling career and life for themselves in the process.

You’ll discover:

  • Leader’s blind spots
  • Millennials perspective
  • The importance of opportunity (career path)
  • How to focus on daily practice
  • 5 WOW place rules
    • Safe
    • Respectful
    • Human…not Humanoid
    • Innovative, Creative and Fun
    • Rewarding
  • Knowledge is power only if you share it

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