ROR – Return on Relationships


shaking hands“What is the best networking group to get involved with to get business?”  This question was asked on LinkedIn and my comment was, “If that is the only reason you are going, don’t go.”

Doing business with people is all about ROR, Return on Relationships.   We want to do business with people we feel we have a relationship with, which means they care about us at least as much as they care about themselves.  A self-serving attitude does not create a foundation for a valuable business relationship…or any relationship for that matter.  The attitude of, “How can I help you?” creates an atmosphere where a relationship can grow.  Here are some tips for building relationships that mature over time.

  • Always listen to who you are talking with.  You may be able to assist them in ways you did not know existed.  It may be a connection, or a vendor, or an article you just read.  If you always have an ulterior motive, (sell, sell, sell), it will cloud your ability to really be attentive.
  • Show up with a serving attitude.  Always looking for ways in which to serves others is repaid ten-fold over time.
  • Be patient.  Building relationships with people takes time.  After all, you are building trust between two human beings.  That cannot be fabricated or rushed.
  • Watch how you use your words.  If you speak negatively about situations or other people, it will affect how others perceive your integrity.
  • Don’t forget the attitude of gratitude.  When someone offers you a future opportunity to connect, a referral, or some constructive ideas, be grateful.  Don’t forget to express and share your gratitude.  It always makes people feel good and connected.

Networking is a great way to meet new people, learn new ideas and over time build relationships that will serve you with new connections, new perspectives and perhaps new business.

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