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Meet 5 New People Every Day – Robert Galinsky

robert galinsky

What does it take to become a true success? Money? Fame? Possessions? While those things are valuable, our guest today reminds us that we can never be truly successful or satisfied without one key thing: meaningful relationships.

Robert Galinsky has the unique superpower of meeting new people. He creates the situations and uses those connections to help others reach their potential. In our interview, Robert reveals many different strategies for meeting people. He also explains why we should be bold in asking for help, but not discouraged when the answer is sometimes “no.” Perseverance is key. Robert’s insight on relationships are earned through experience. His lessons on connecting will lift you to a higher level of success in your life.

Robert’s bio: Robert Galinsky is an author, speaking coach, and writer living in New York City. He is involved with TEDx teen, helping teenagers express their ideas to the world. He is also a playwright and the author of Coffee Crazy: 140 AHA! Coffee Moments from the Conference Room, to the Cafe, to the Kitchen.

You’ll discover:robert galinsky

  • What it means to have “people power.”
  • The benefits of meeting new people.
  • Why it’s important to feel honored (and not bothered) when someone asks you for a favor.
  • How Robert uses a coffee meeting to connect with new people.
  • Why perseverance is so important in asking for favors.
  • Actionable steps to meet new people every day.
  • Why you should go out and meet people when you don’t feel like it.
  • What’s coming up for Robert.

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