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The Advantage of Resiliency in Your Life with Richard Citrin


When was the last time you considered your resiliency?

Today’s guest Richard Citrin, the founder of Citrin Consulting, speaks with us about the power of knowing your own resiliency. He is the author of, The Resilience Advantage. Everyone has stress in life. What you might not realize is that you are hardwired with the resiliency to overcome it.  You have the ability to empower yourself to go beyond stress.

Richard Citrin founded Citrin Consulting after an early career on Wall Street.   There he experienced a poor management style and destructive workplace practices. Richard also came to realize that the typical approach to “managing stress” was flawed.  He saw how many people move into victimhood.  He just he knew there must be a better option to properly manage and address the challenge or adversity and stress within our lives.

More information about Richard Citrin: Richard has been a consultant, entrepreneur, and leader in small and large companies alike. Richard is a licensed psychologist and works directly with organizations and corporations alike to help them improve their workplace and ultimately the lives of their employees.richard citrin

You’ll discover:

  • What happens when you choose to apply resiliency to your stress and not victimhood.
  • A good way to get into a mindful state.
  • The importance of recognizing that poor management and destructive workplaces lead to stressors that can be effectively dealt with.
  • A better way to address challenges, adversity, and stress in your life.
  • What happens when you properly manage the stressors in your life both professionally and personally.

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