What? Give Women a Voice? With Rhonda Leeman Taylor

rhonda leeman taylor

Rhonda Leeman Taylor is a native of Canada.  She was one of the founding pioneers of woman’s Canadian hockey as it was being reborn in the 1980s.  She is now involved in assisting companies with their marketing and recruiting with specialized software at Advos, the HR Marketers and Fuel 50.

This is a candid conversation about women in the workplace, women in sports and women in the boardroom.  Rhonda Leeman Taylor shares some incredible stories that you might think come from the dark ages, but happened not that long ago.  Her experience in women’s hockey gave her more power to counteract the disturbing treatment that she experienced.  Her perseverance will help generations of women in the future.

Here what it was like to start Women’s Hockey in a male-dominated sports world.  You will be shocked at some of the behavior that occurred and tolerated by those around her.  This is a story for all ages.

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