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Many opportunities arise every day for each of you to do a kind deed.  They may be deliberate or something the world around you puts in your path to act upon.  Each time you create an Act of Kindness, you can grow respect within yourself. However, this is a conscious choice you might not be making.

Helping a neighbor, picking a piece of glass out of the road, or spending time with your kids or grandparents, each of these actions are a deliberate choice that you can make every day.  Don’t let the opportunity go by without acknowledging to yourself that you made a kind decision.  I am not talking about being full of yourself as if you are the “best” person on earth.  And I am not talking about being a braggart that boasts their good deeds.  Just take the time to acknowledge that you made a choice to be helpful and kind.  There is a sacredness in kindness when it is done with a loving heart for the sole purpose of making another being feel better.  This is true, even if you don’t know who or what they are.  (That’s right I am talking about all beings.)

As a RAKtivist, I once shared that I had taken a nail out of the road.  A fellow RAKtivist, and avid bike rider, wrote back that he certainly appreciated that.  Your Act of Kindness changes lives in the moment or in some point in time in the future.  We don’t always get to know how our actions change the world, but I like to believe that they do.  This is the essence of why it is important to see the gift in the giving itself.  It is not necessary for the deeds we do to be gigantic in any form.  It is just as meaningful to give a nickel as it is a thousand dollars.  Helping a neighbor with a broken arm is just as impressive as building a school.  Every particle is a part of the whole.  One snowflake is so delicate, but together they make enough of an impact to build a big beautiful snowman!snowman

Respect is inherent in acts of kindness in two ways.  When someone experiences your kindness, their respect grows not only for you, but all mankind.  Take the time to acknowledge to yourself that you felt it was important to take a portion of the precious time in your day to leave yourself behind and think of another being.  Not everyone does that.  And, couldn’t we all do it more?

Giving creates a strong sense of self, which breeds respect, that morphs into happiness and blossoms as greater good for all…and more acts of kindness.  And the circle of life goes on.  Be an active part of it.

  • What will you do tomorrow to better the world of someone or some creature around you?
  • How will you celebrate within your mind that you took the opportunity for something outside your own world?
  • What new habit will you form to remind you that a form of respecting yourself, your friends, your family and the entire world around you is an Act of Kindness?

Here are some ways that RESPECT and KINDNESS go together:

  • Recognize the inherent worth of all human beings (Everything)
  • Eliminate derogatory words and phrases from your vocabulary (Pay attention)
  • Speak with people-not at them…or about them (Listen too)
  • Practice empathy (Our stories are all unique)
  • Earn the respect of your fellow men and women through your behavior.  (It’s what you do not what you say)
  • Consider others’ feelings before speaking and acting (You have impact)
  • Treat everyone with dignity and courtesy.  (Stop judging)


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