Build a Business Like a Living Organism with Sheryl O’Loughlin



Forbes magazine says that Sheryl O’Loughlin, the former CEO of Clif Bar, is trying to get America to drink herbs.  Personally, I am hooked.  Rebbl is the best addiction I have ever had.  Sheryl is a serial success story who has worked at Kraft, Quaker Oats and doubled revenue at Clif Bar.  She created a company called Plum Organics, built it up and then sold it to Campbell’s.

Now as CEO of Rebbl, Sheryl knows you can’t have that kind of success without a great team.

She is here to talk about her creative ways to build a culture that delivers success within and outside the company.

You’ll discover:

  • How to be a business with a purpose
  • Creating impact with products
  • Equality and inclusion outside and inside the company
  • Seeing through the lens of how the acts of one will affect all
  • How to treat your business as a living organism
  • When you open a new path, your people can shine

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