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head shotI so enjoyed talking with my friend Phil Gerbyshak on this edition of Mere Mortals Unite. Phil shares his passion of connecting people, ideas, and technology. He talks about creating a REAL network and shares how to spot the difference between a real network and a fake one. (Think quality, not quantity.)

Phil lives the philosophy of making friends first and then doing business later. A benefit of making true connections is that there’s always someone to visit when you’re traveling. It can turn a business trip into a mini-vacation. And, Phil shares the right way to connect so you can avoid a connection disaster. You’ll learn some simple ways to stay in touch—for instance, you first have to pay attention and then take action. Let us know your birthday … we promise to wish you well that day with a personal touch.  

Bio: Phil Gerbyshak is your personal social marketing strategist, social media business trainer, and secret weapon. He does programs, workshops, and training to help you integrate social media into all your business does to grow your bottom line.

You’ll discover:

  • Benefits from learning to connect with other people well.
  • How Phil’s simple habit of wishing a friend happy birthday each year helps him stay top of mind.
  • Why going out of your way to help someone makes a lasting impression on others.
  • Why doing more than others is a great way to stand out.
  • Phil’s daily habits that help him intentional and better at connection

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