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Get More of What you Want with your Choice of Words – with Phil M. Jones


exactly what to sayphil m jones

Phil M Jones is a truly self-made sales performance legend. With nearly 20 years in the sales and retail fields, Phil has made a name for himself in how to use words to your benefit, across the globe. His effective methods are sought after by companies and individuals on nearly every continent and in every major industry.

Starting his first business at the tender age of 14 launched a prestigious career that consistently delivers performance far ahead of the curve. On this episode, Phil shares with us how you can change your words, from complex to simple, to achieve a more of what you want.  A word path to success, with an ethical heart of course.

You’ll discover:

  • Better Questions = Better Answers
  • The magic of the words you use
  • How to increase your power of influence
  • The importance of the “other” person
  • A secret to removing objections
  • Conversations are relationships

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