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Personal Brilliance – Jim Canterucci

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JimCropped_CA33926_635990067489516753 (2)On this episode of Mere Mortals Unite, we interview Jim Canterucci on the topic of personal brilliance. Personal brilliance is beyond being smart–it’s all about having the ability to use the resources you have to create a great idea or better process. Jim Canterucci shares his framework of four specific catalysts that stimulate this developmental practice. The catalysts are awareness, curiosity, focus, and initiative. Listen as Jim gives us the tools we need to polish our natural abilities to enhance our own personal brilliance.

You’ll discover:

  • The benefits of having personal brilliance.
  • The “persona” of each catalyst.
  • Why curiosity involves both a sense of wonder and a sense of doubt.
  • Why you have once-in-a-lifetime opportunities every day.
  • What Jim learned from a situation where a baby’s life was nearly at stake.
  • Practical steps to expand these catalysts in your own life.

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Personal Brilliance by Jim Canterucci

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