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Overcoming Fear: Going from Yikes to Yes! Jessica Pettit


Have you ever felt like you just weren’t good enough, or maybe you’ve had a paralyzing fear that has gripped you and just won’t let go. We all have it. Even the most successful entrepreneurs in every niche experience this type of fear. It’s a normal human emotion. There is good news though, you can learn to work with it to achieve everything you are afraid of!

It was a hoot talking to Jessica Pettit on today’s show.  Her company is called “Good Enough Now”. Jessica’s specialty is taking you from “Yikes!” to “Yes!”. Jessica is based in Eureka, CA and she has a unique ability to hone in on difficult tasks to help you get them done! Jessica believes that you can overcome any fear that you have if you notice your behavior patterns so that you can identify where that fear is actually coming from. Then you can choose to act to get to the “Yes!”

Jessica’s Bio: Humor is a great equalizer and is often the quickest way to diffuse conflict and move toward real connection. With a background in stand up comedy, Jessica Pettitt, frames even difficult subjects in an engaging and welcoming way. As a professional speaker, her expertise earned her the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association. A designation held by fewer than 800 people world-wide.

As a facilitator, she provides the framework for open, welcoming, and productive conversation. Whether she provides a motivational keynote, an in-depth workshop, facilitates group interaction, or frames an entire conference as emcee, Jessica brings humor, a high level understanding of adult learning, and an ability to engage participants and encourage them to engage with each other. Participants walk away focused and confident in their role to make change now.

You’ll discover:

  • Find out Jessica’s superpower
  • Learn how Jessica connects with difficult things
  • Did you know we develop habits to make us feel successful when we aren’t really able to accomplish difficult tasks? Jessica explains.
  • Change is one of the most difficult tasks we undertake
  • Why we judge people that are good at things that are difficult for us
  • Jessica is fearful but she doesn’t let it stop her
  • The same fear can cause you to act in one situation and not act in another
  • Why you must act, even when you don’t know the end or the outcome
  • Why Jessica gives herself one month to accomplish her “Yikes!”
  • The slide down the fire pole and what it really means
  • Hear Jessica’s amazing story about the transformation with a consulting client
  • Knowing your “go to” move when fear strikes can be critical for overcoming fear
  • Matching your weakness with an innate strength is essential
  • Learn why it’s helpful to view everything you do as a “draft” that you can change, correct and improve

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