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Creating an On-Purpose Business with Kevin McCarthy



Kevin McCarthy started out selling candy on the school bus.  Now, decades later, with his own research and lots of learning from others, he has created a very succinct way to live our lives. His passion is for people to live all parts of their lives on-purpose.  We have that choice and Kevin tells us how to bring that to fruition.  I love how Kevin explained, that businesses that care have to be led by leaders who care. I couldn’t agree more.

You’ll discover:

  • How to simplify strategic plans
  • Different perspectives for purpose, vision, mission and values
  • Purpose is your reason for being
  • The importance of alignment between personal and business purposeon-purpose
  • Create your On-Purpose Palâ
  • Purpose is the heart
  • Vision is your head
  • Mission is your hands and feet
  • Values are the throat and gut

For more information about Kevin:
On Purpose Website
Kevin on Twitter
Find Your 2-Word Purpose
Kevin on LinkedIn

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