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How can I find happiness? That is one of the foundational questions in life. Most people seek out happiness through external means such as status or wealth. But our guest today asks you to think differently. She will help you see that happiness begins with changing yourself.

I’m excited to introduce you to Olga Job, a Certified Holistic Health, and Lifestyle Coach. Olga has a way of thinking and communicating that immediately lifts you to a higher level. She reveals how to move away from a mentality of lack toward a mentality of abundance. Ironically, it doesn’t start “out there.” It starts “in here” with your own attitude and thinking. She also helps you see the importance of nutrition in your overall success. You’ll come away with a treasure trove of tips and strategies to move toward a truly abundant life.

Olga’s Bio: Olga Job is a social entrepreneur who owns a holistic wellness business focusing on helping people learn how to manifest & achieve their potential through meditation, nutrition, and business strategies. She shares her concept of eating in abundance rather than lack and deprivation in her 7-week Lifestyle Awakening Health Coaching Program.

You’ll discover:

  • Why health and nutrition are so important to your overall success.
  • The reason happiness begins with your thinking.
  • How negative emotions can help you think more positive.
  • How to create joy and peace by thinking about things that make you happy.
  • Why you must pay attention to color in your food.
  • The importance of traveling with your food.
  • Strategies for moving from a mentality of lack into a mentality of abundance.
  • Why you should focus on what you can add to your nutrition, rather than what you shouldn’t have.
  • The importance of sleeping, breathing, and meditation on your productivity and quality of life.

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