Moving From SHOULD to WANT to CAN – Jean Moroney


It’s so easy to get caught up in negativity sometimes. It seems like we are bombarded with it on social media, television, in our workplaces and sometimes in our own relationships. You may not have realized it, but some of the negatives in your life can actually do you some good. No, I’m not saying you should wish for negatives in your life, but if you have them, you may actually be able to use them for good!

My guest today is Jean Moroney, a speaker and the president of Thinking Directions. She teaches professionals how to use targeted thinking to solve problems and achieve their goals. Jean offers many courses and resources on her website. Today we’re talking about moving from SHOULD to WANT to CAN and how negatives are really positives in disguise. Come and learn how to improve YOUR thinking! img_1248

Bio: Jean Moroney works with entrepreneurial people, in and out of corporations, to help them achieve ambitious goals. They learn to think on their feet, get their point across, and take action. Ms. Moroney has an MS in Psychology (CMU, 1994), a BS & MS in Electrical Engineering (MIT, 1985 & 1986), and graduate training in Philosophy from the Ayn Rand Institute. She speaks to audiences all over North America and online in her Thinking Lab program.

You’ll discover:

  • Jean’s superpower: aligning SHOULD and WANT and CAN
  • This principle is the deep solution to many motivational problems
  • Why SHOULD, WANT, and CAN must be aligned
  • SHOULD—the mind, what you think logically that you should do
  • WANT—the emotion, things you desire to do
  • CAN—the facts, what makes sense in reality
  • Why these elements get misaligned
  • How positives and negatives DOOM you
  • How to turn negatives into all positives!
  • Jean’s goals: to discover ideas, teach, and have a successful business
  • Find out what your motivators are
  • How to ask the right questions
  • Action steps to take
  • Make a pro and con list about decisions
  • Narrowing down your top priorities
  • Jean’s daily routines, including a mantra and journaling
  • How to make an AND list

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