Exploring Professional and Personal Values with Mike Domitrz


When was the last time that you acted on an ah-ha moment in your life?

Today’s guest did so in 1989 after he became the brother of a rape survivor. He knew he needed to change the culture of consent and respect within communities and the world. I’m speaking with Mike Domitrz as he dives into why it is important to place these values on consent. He believes in respect in both your personal and professional life. Mike comments on values and understanding your abilities, “if you’re not working on something that is your unique ability, is it really worth your while?”

Mike Domitrz with the Date Safe Project, has been educating and inspiring individuals for over a decade using humor and emotion to discuss consent and why “asking first” will make a difference. Mike is one of the leading experts for transforming our sexual culture to make sure that consent and respect are at the forefront.

More information about Mike Domitrz: Mike has written a book called “Can I Kiss You?” and is the founder and Executive Director of the Date Safe Project. This project provides a better understanding to audiences around the world regarding consent. Mike is also the host of the podcast, The Everyday Mindfulness Show. The show engages audiences in thought-provoking conversations which will bring value to all aspects of your life.

You’ll discover:

  • The benefits of understanding what you’re here to do.
  • That delegation is key when you understand your abilities and team member’s abilities.
  • That “letting go of control” may be the best option for your company and personal success.
  • Why it is necessary to have patience when growth and changes are abounding in your business.
  • How to reduce stress and improve your professional values by focusing on one goal at a time.
  • Knowing your skill-set is your most important asset.mike domitrz

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