Mere Mortal? Super Power?

mere mortal super power

Today Julie Ann Sullivan talks about Mere Mortal? Super Power? What is a mere mortal? What the heck is a super power anyway? What value does this program have for you that you can use in your life to make a difference?

A mere mortal is everyone. Don’t you have days where you are strong in mind, body and soul? Then there are others days where you feel lost and weak? Oh how we are all human. A mere mortal is not perfect, they are human. It’s wonderful.

Super powers. We are all born with them. As children it is easy for us to project them. As we age, it becomes harder. We build walls and barriers that we have built or allow others to build. Some of us don’t realize we have them and don’t know where to look.

Through Mere Mortals Unite, Julie Ann wants you to have that a-ha moment. The moment you discover or re-discover your super power. You think to yourself I can do that!

Mere Mortals Unite gives you permission to do away with blame and discover accountability. this gives you the ability to take your life back and decide whether you will be happy, successful and laugh today.

It will take some work but before you know it, you can gain control over your life.

To discover your super power, download and listen to Mere Mortal? Super Power?

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