The Life that Persistence Built – Dennis Brooke


Are you looking for a better way to get where you would like to go in life? Have you perhaps had difficulty in attaining your goals, or would you like to develop the tenacity to “go the distance” with a lengthy project? If so, gain some valuable insight from today’s guest, Dennis Brooke, author of the novel, The Last Apostle.

Dennis is a former Air Force officer and IT project manager and executive. He’s now retired and he and his wife spend their days traveling abroad, “houseless, but not homeless”.  Become inspired by his experience as a pilgrim, walking the Camino de Santiago. Listen in as he talks about persistence being his SUPERPOWER. Take note of his tips, strategies and wonderful quotes which can all help you in reaching your goals.

Dennis’ Bio: Dennis Brooke is the author of the novel The Last Apostle which is based on the idea that John, the last apostle, is still alive and lives in Seattle. He is a former Air Force officer and IT project manager and executive. He and his wife sold their home, retired from corporate life, and now live a houseless, but not homeless lifestyle abroad. They completed the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in May of 2016. img_2238_ca4112_636086601303546206

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How persistence been essential in his attaining success.
  • Some wonderful stories to illustrate the importance of having persistence.
  • The one thing that most authors have in common.
  • The things he learned after he had written his book and joined a local writer’s group.
  • How he “adapted to discouragement” and found success.
  • About his marvelous mentors.
  • What he learned from his day job about how taking smaller steps, then adapting, often works better than taking one big step.
  • How he and his wife practiced and prepared to walk the Camino.
  • The importance of developing relationships with people who have already done what you would like to do.
  • The necessity of being really ready for anything you intend to do.
  • How you can become more persistent.
  • A bit about his novel.


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