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Photo-Candy-Whirley-HeadshotlargeMy guest today is Candy Whirley, whose superpower is helping people get along better. She’s written a book called It Takes 4 to Tango, which describes people as either chameleons, lions, lambs, or owls. Based on research from other assessment tools, Candy came up with a way to make it fun to find out who you are and how you relate to the rest of the world. Relationships are so important in all facets of our lives.  

I talk with Candy about the inherent characteristics and how important it is to find out what those are in yourself and others. Whether you’re looking to work better with your coworkers, your significant other, or your grandchildren, Candy gives two steps to build stronger communication. First, identify what type you are, accept that, and analyze if those that surround you are alike or different. And then, find ways to adapt to the situation. If you’re a lamb and your boss is a lion, you can wish all day your boss would change, but a better outcome would be created by respecting the differences. Candy will help you learn how to treat people in the manner they need to be treated. Listen, learn and then go out and make a difference.   

Bio: Candy Whitley has been a leader and business owner for fifteen years. She is a member of the National Speakers Association, receiving CSP this year, as well as a volunteer for Harvesters International in South Sudan. She graduated Cum Laude as an undergrad in Speech Communications and has a Master’s degree in Management. Candy was an NFL Cheerleader for three years with the Kansas City Chiefs, and is the author of several books, including It Takes 4 to Tango. She is an expert at building, fixing, and forming relationships in the workplace by exploring personality and generational differences.

You’ll discover:

  • Specific benefits that come from having good relationships.
  • Why the personality you experience under stress is truly who you are.
  • Engaging stories about how having better relationships can make you more successful, and why it’s about adapting to others.
  • Why it’s more profitable to care about people.
  • Practical steps to improve your relationships.

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