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Learning to Set Boundaries – The Pat Iyer Group

Pat Iyer

As a business leader, what type of relationship should you have with your team members? Are they friends with whom you have a warm personal relationship? Or are they employees whom you keep at a distance? How do you learn to set proper boundaries?

Our guest today helps us find some answers. I’m thrilled to be talking with my new friend, Pat Iyer.  Pat has a medical background and is also an author, expert witness and coach. For 26 years, she ran a small business that was focused on helping attorneys with cases involving medical issues. When she sold the company in 2015, she had over 200 expert witnesses under contract. In our conversation, Pat shares lessons about business, accountability, and learning to set healthy boundaries in the workplace.

Pat’s bio: Pat Iyer MSN RN LNCC is a medical liability expert, professional speaker, author and coach. She works with healthcare providers who want to reduce risks and improve patient safety. LNCC is the certification granted by the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants.  It is the only legal nurse consulting certification which meets the standards of the American Board of Nursing Specialties. It is awarded to experienced legal nurse consultants who meet a practice requirement and pass a rigorous exam.

In 1989, Pat established Med League Support Services, an independent legal nurse consulting firm. As a result of reviewing thousands of medical records and talking with attorneys about thousands of cases, she developed her expertise in the concepts of medical liability and patient safety: from the labor and delivery to the nursing home, from the emergency department to the ICU, from the outpatient surgery center to the dialysis center, and everywhere in between.

You’ll discover:

  • How Pat’s medical background prepared her to lead a growing business.
  • Pat’s method for increasing accountability in her business
  • How Pat helps team members learn from their mistakes.
  • The difference between learning and blaming.
  • How sending gift packages made a huge difference in Pat’s business.
  • How a difficult employee taught Pat about setting boundaries


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Author, coach, and business leader @PatIyer shares lessons about accountability, learning, and setting #boundaries. Click To Tweet What does it mean to set healthy #boundaries in the workplace? @PatIyer shows you how on today’s episode. Click To Tweet @PatIyer shares how sending gift packages to clients made a big difference in her #business. Click To Tweet


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