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Learn It, Then Live It – Betsy Allen-Manning and Tonya Spencer


Do you experience too much stress and conflict in your life? Would you like to communicate more easily and effectively with everybody, consistently? If so, listen in to Julie Ann interviewing Betsy Allen-Manning and Tonya Spencer, as they explain how we can “learn it, then live it” on this episode of Mere Mortals Unite.

Known as “The People Experts”, Smart and sassy Texans, Betsy and Tonya are known for their unparalleled and amusing ‘dual keynotes’ and training. They assist organizations with improving their relationship development and communication. They are the co-authors of  The People Advantage.  

Betsy and Tonya’s Bio: The People Experts, Betsy Allen-Manning and Tonya Spence, are and authors of “The People Advantage”, and are known for their unique and entertaining ‘dual keynotes’ and training; helping organizations improve their communication and relationship development.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • The Super Power that they have to share.
  • The benefits of using this Super Power.
  • How their method can help you to be less stressful.
  • Their four unspoken communication secrets.
  • How they themselves stay focused on their path.
  • How not delegating can cause stress.
  • What they see conflict to actually be.
  • How many people don’t notice what’s going on with communication.
  • The question you can ask to eliminate 90% of stress and conflict while communicating with someone.
  • Their Platinum Rule.
  • What causes the ‘disconnect’ in communication.
  • How their interactive book can help you.
  • 4 areas that cause the most stress and conflict in most people’s lives:
  1. Pacing- Some people are fast, some slow.
  2. Information needs- Some people have general information needs i.e. they want to cut to the chase and others have specific information needs i.e. they need details.
  3. Social interaction- There are outgoing people and there are reserved people.
  4. Some are task focused people, others are relationship-focused people

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