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The Leadership Gap – Lolly Daskal


What is true leadership all about? Does it mean you’re just calling the shots and making all the decisions, or it is something much more important and meaningful? Our guest today has the answer.

I’m honored to share my interview with Lolly Daskal, someone I have been following for years. Lolly is one of the most highly regarded thought leaders in business today. She has enthused audiences around the world with her innovative perspective and challenges of conventional wisdom. I love her ability to be honest and thought-provoking, and she brings those qualities to our interview. Today Lolly and I will discuss some great ideas to increase employee engagement and create a more desirable workplace. You will instantly grow your leadership after hearing our practical advice for creating an enhanced workplace culture.

Lolly’s bio: Lolly Daskal is one of the most sought-after executive leadership coaches in the world. Her extensive cross-cultural expertise spans fourteen countries, six languages and hundreds of companies.  As founder and CEO of Lead From Within, her proprietary leadership program is engineered to be a catalyst for leaders who want to enhance performance and make a meaningful difference in their companies, their lives, and the world. Based on a mix of modern philosophy, science, and nearly thirty years coaching top executives, Lolly’s perspective on leadership continues to break new ground and produce exceptional results.

Of her many awards and accolades, Lolly Daskal was designated a Top-50 Leadership and Management Experts by Inc. magazine. Her writing has appeared in HBR,, Fast Company (Ask The Expert), Huffington Post, Psychology Today, and others.  Her newest book is titled, The Leadership Gap.leadership gap, lolly daskal
You’ll discover:

  • The simplest and most important way to show appreciation to an employee.
  • A fascinating story detailing how Lolly established a yoga center at a business, and the impact it had on team members.
  • The importance of celebrating continually, not just at the end of a project.
  • How distractions can help you be more focused and creative.
  • Why titles don’t have anything to do with leadership.
  • Why leaders must be truth-tellers.
  • If we give ourselves time to connect, we find we have so much in common.

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