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Women Building Empires with Lea Woodford


Our guest is Lea Haben Woodford who is building an empire and treating her employees like her own children. By no means is Lea coddling her employees, but she wants the best for them to grow and go off successfully on their own accord. Lea creates job and internship opportunities for students graduating from the ASU’s Walter Cronkite School.

Lea Woodford is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of SmartFem Media Group aimed at educating, empowering and helping women in their careers. Lea is helping women, but millennials more specifically.  She gives them the tools necessary for accountability and understanding boundaries within the workplace.

More info about SmartFem Media Group: SmartFem Media Group can be found on various online outlets, there is a digital magazine and Lea can be seen on her show on the C-Suite Network, SmartFem TV. Lea has a passion as a connector and in her pre- SmartFem work she was a dating coach.lea woodford

You’ll discover:

  • Why younger employees need to learn boundaries.
  • The benefits of being a “Fairy Godmother” to employees.
  • The importance of failure.
  • What it means to let go when it is necessary.
  • How flexibility in your business can help you grow.

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