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Laurie Guest is an award-winning customer service expert, Certified Speaking Professional and a good friend.  This overarching conversation looks at customer service from common sense to generational differences.  Laurie believes that success comes from a deep understanding that everyone comes from a different background.  The more we understand the personalities of who we work with and respect those differences, customer service is enhanced.

Compiling Laurie Guest’s learnings from more than three decades as a customer service expert
and presented as two books in one, The 10¢ Decision is an abundance of quick tips and deep
dives intended to make immediate, positive changes in your customer service delivery.  Purposefully designed to be a quick read, The 10¢ Decision is packed with fun stories, spot-on examples, and questions to ask yourself to drive results.

Laurie shares with us the 5 key attributes that create what common sense means to each of us:

  1. The environment you were raised
  2. What era you were born into
  3. The environment where you used to worklaurie guest
  4. Personality type
  5. Who you work next to today.


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