Joy is NOT an Accident

The more you spend your day living in gratitude, the better your attitude will be toward all circumstances in your life both professionally and personally. Research shows that showing gratitude can increase your own happiness by as much as 25%.

For gratitude to flourish it needs to be shared. This important element of sharing gratitude can engage and motivate employees in a workplace and improve relationships.

Julie Ann’s book, “A little bit of GRATITUDE goes a long way,” is a great complement to this presentation.

This keynote changes lives by revealing how you can find and express joy and gratitude. It will empower you to make smart choices and live an extraordinary life.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover new areas of gratefulness
  • Learn the benefits of gratitude in the workplace
  • Appreciate the small stuff
  • Enhance your perspective
  • Enrich relationships through sharing

Julie Ann delighted the audience with her keynote presentation on gratitude. Everyone was listening, laughing, and hanging onto her next words; no phone fiddling or purse rustling here. I was truly grateful she shared her experiences and wisdom with us.

Sarah Kohl, M.D.

President and Founder of TravelReady MD

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