Julie Ann’s programs are high in content infused with a good measure of humor and motivation.

Employee Engagement- Learn how to:

  • Increase productivity and focus
  • Identify and exclude destructive behaviors
  • Create habits to enhance postive behaviors
  • Encourage peak performance
  • Leverage personal power

Improving Communication - Learn how to:

  • Learn the "art of listening" to increase clarity
  • Determine best practices for responding to an organization's varied workforce
  • Accentuate postive communication skills
  • Repair ineffectual patterns of communication
  • Choosing words wisely to be better heard

Enhanced Collaboration- Learn how to:

  • Enhance daily collaboration to support the organization's mission
  • Learn the value of authenticity
  • Work as a TEAM - Together Exploring Alternative Methods
  • Create an open mind free of judgement
  • Emphasize respect and being respectful

Managing Change - Learn how to:

  • Realize the correlation between individual behavior and the organization
  • Identify barriers
  • Learn techniques to embrace change
  • Find hidden opportunities
  • Discover how attitude effects outcome

Julie Ann Sullivan will change the culture of your business and your perspective on life. Contact Julie Ann Sullivan @ 724-942-0486 -


From Julie Ann - "7 Practices for a Happier Workplace"

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