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Millennials and a Successful Company Culture- Just Media

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How do you turn Millennials’ into the best employees? You understand that horizontal thinking is more valuable than vertical thinking.  In today’s workplace environment, it is the best way to foster growth, happiness and satisfied employees.

Today I’m talking with two millennials, Sean Brennan and Hillary Freeman from Just Media. The President of the Company, Dick Reed, believes talking with Sean and Hillary would provide the best showcase of the company. Just Media has found that millennials are the key to their company’s success in transcending their markets. They know they need to foster and enhance a workplace culture that is engaging and creative for their employees to work at their best and stay.

Just Media is one of the Bay Area’s “Top Places to Work.” They are a media company that has been operating since 1995.  Originally from London, England, they opened their doors in San Francisco in 1996. Just Media manages all types of media for their clients.

More information about Just Media: Just Media works with some of the largest companies around providing them with innovative campaigns. Their list includes Intel, WebMD, Toshiba, and Fujitsu. They do not keep themselves only in the technology marketing field, they have expanded into other diverse markets both domestically and internationally. They’re media geeks so you don’t have to be.

You’ll discover:

  • How both Sean and Hillary came to Just Media.
  • How Just Media encourages and engages employees through extracurricular activities.
  • Why having different meeting options through departments matters for collaboration.
  • The importance of cultivating the energy and motivation of Millennials
  • The relationship between employees, involvement and fostering inclusion.
  • The importance of providing recognition that is deserved.

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