It’s all in Perspective

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glass half full
The optimist sees the glass half full.
The pessimist sees the glass half empty.
The engineer sees a receptacle that’s too large for the amount of liquid present.

Each of you has a different perspective due to where and when you were born, how large a family you had, how often you moved around, if you had a dog, if you traveled and a multitude of other events that create who you are today. Each moment in your life imprints on how you act in and react to daily life occurrences. These events also color your perspective of the world and all of its circumstances. Why is this important in business?

When you respect the different perspectives of others, you will learn to work more as a community instead of rival gangs. Here are three distinct types of personalities that you might experience when it comes to perspective:

  1.  My perspective is the right perspective.
    People like this, particularly in leadership, are one of the top reasons people leave their jobs. (Half of us have quit our job because of a bad boss)
  2. My perspective won’t be given much value.
    These folks don’t feel like they have a choice where they work to express their ideas. This may be due to poor communication channels or fear of reprisal. (Creating a Culture Where Employees Speak Up)
  3. I’m open to different ideas.
    This is the holy grail of work colleagues. They’re not afraid that someone else’s perspective will nullify their own and are willing to take another look. These are the people that know what collaboration really means. (How leaders stay open to new perspectives)

Many times another’s perspective will at the very least give you a new idea to add to a project goal or strategy.
So which are you? What personality do you foster in your organization? Do people feel free to express their ideas? Are their ideas acknowledged even if it’s not a path the organization chooses? Do you have the fortitude to allow another person’s ideas to add to the success of your own?
The next time you’re collaborating, remember that your perspective is just one of many bricks in building the next successful goal.
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