As a leader, you can’t go it alone. Whether you own your own company, run a department, or manage a team, your success is directly dependent on others.

While your experience and dedication got you where you are today, it’s your ability to inspire, persuade, and communicate that will deliver future success.

From leading by example and presenting a positive attitude to demonstrating unshakable confidence, you can learn the skills of an inspiring leader.

Learn how to cultivate your own leadership powers with renowned Leadership Coach Julie Ann Sullivan.

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My coaching experience with Julie Ann Sullivan was unlike any other training, workshop, or educational experience. Although tough at times, Julie Ann Sullivan compels you to reach deep inside to places that you have habitually hidden from the world to open up yourself to begin your journey of new experiences. Just like the Phoenix, you rise from the ashes renewed, invigorated, and ready to meet the challenges ahead. You get from this experience the amount of effort that you put forth. If you take control of this challenge with Julie Ann Sullivan guiding your path, you begin to see and unleash your hidden strengths, talents, and positive energy. I whole heartedly recommend Julie Ann Sullivan to those who feel that they are ready to embrace her challenge to make a positive transform.

Amy Noon, M. Ed., PHR, SHRM-CP

HR Director

Julie Ann Sullivan - Inspiring Leadership Coach

A professional speaker and personal coach, Julie Ann has provided effective presentations for organizations as diverse as McDonald’s USA, The City of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, Highmark, and Bayer US.

Julie Ann believes that capable leaders create workforce engagement and motivation, as well as increase productivity, creativity, and focus.

With effective personal coaching, Julie Ann:

  • Empowers you to advance both professionally and personally.
  • Unleashes your hidden strengths, talents, and positive energy.
  • Cultivates your strengths while encouraging peak performance.
  • Helps you learn to adapt to both life and work challenges.
  • Spotlights areas for improvement and strengthens the skill you need to flourish outside your comfort zone.

You'll take control and learn to:

  • Leverage your personal power.
  • Increase your self-awareness and discover new perspectives.
  • Be your authentic self.

Julie Ann Sullivan works with those who want to create a workplace environment where people are productive, engaged, and appreciated. Learn more by reading About Julie Ann, or viewing our Testimonials page.

Julie Ann Sullivan is a great coach. She coached me from a serious workaholic to a much lighter version of myself. She took time to understand my goals, worked to keep me focused, and provided fun and inspiring advice that changed my perspective and most importantly, my behavior. Thanks, Julie Ann!

Adele Lynn

Owner, The Adele Lynn Leadership Group

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