In The Beginning

In the Beginning

Today, Julie Ann Sullivan welcomes Joel Boggess to her Mere Mortals Unite podcast for her very In the Beginningfirst episode. Julie Ann talks about her background and what listeners can expect to hear on her show, Mere Mortals Unite.

Julie Ann Sullivan began with a bachelor’s degree in developmental psychology. From that moment on Julie Ann became a life long learner. She made a deliberate choice to learn something new everyday about human behavior and the necessities of life.

After obtaining her MBA, Julie Ann worked in fields from recruiting to teaching to corporate accounting. She began to notice how people behaved in the workplace and how that affected their productivity and creativity.  Julie Ann Sullivan shares her passion for discovering insights into human behavior in her new podcast Mere Mortals Unite.

Who is Mere Mortals Unite For

Anyone can benefit from the value of Mere Mortals Unite. It’s especially helpful for someone feeling they need to find another road to travel but do not know what the next step is. Julie Ann Sullivan is here to get people to take that next step whatever it might be.

In the BeginningPodcast Plan

Julie Ann Sullivan will have several short podcasts per week where she talks about a Super Power Solution and how it has affected her life. She’ll offer actionable steps that can be used to incorporate the super power within your own life. Some episodes will feature guests that have found their own super powers, like gratitude, attitude, or perseverance, to create success in their own lives.  They will share the benefits and why it has made a difference.

To hear the rest of Joel’s interview and what his super power is, download the podcast In the Beginning.

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