Improving the Lives of Others – Greg Williams

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Greg's Head Shot Pictures from NSA Convention 7-06 175 (2)On this episode of Mere Mortals Unite, we interview Greg Williams, a master negotiator and body language expert. Greg grew up deprived of many of the necessities of life. However, his mother always gave to those less fortunate than they were. Greg’s philosophy grew out of that generosity. When you pay it forward, the return will be tenfold. It’s not about what you can receive but more about what positive changes happen in the world as a whole when you live your life like that. Our discussion includes how to engage others and when to back off. Join me in listening to a kind, intelligent, and helpful mere mortal.

You’ll discover:

  • How Greg describes his superpower.
  • Why growing up poor had a profound impact on Greg’s mindset, and how his parents taught him the value of giving.
  • Greg’s perspective on failure, and why he never fails at anything.
  • Why adversity teaches us the best lessons in life.
  • Actionable steps to positively influence others.

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