"If Only…."

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This episode of Mere Mortals Unite explores the super power solution of shutting down the “IF ONLY” mentality. You can go through life believing if you just had different circumstances, then you could be happy or successful. Or, you can be accountable for how you act, react and feel about the life you are living.

You can take responsibility to change what you don’t like and learn to accept what you cannot change. You can learn to enhance that which is working well and let go of what’s not.  Sometimes when you think it would be better, IF ONLY, that’s an opportunity to learn about your own inner workings. It all begins with being self aware when your mind slips into this chasm.  Then you can change that behavior and take back the power that you give away.

It’s not about the pursuit of happiness, but rather being happy in the pursuit.  

You’ll discover:

  • Challenges of discovering your own IF ONLY attitude
  • How dissatisfaction can impede success in the momentif only
  • Realizing what is an unrealistic desire
  • How to recognize when you are thinking, IF ONLY
  • The success that comes with taking responsibility for your life
  • Quick tips to change the behavior of dissatisfaction

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