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How an Auto Mechanic Can Have Heart with Brian Moak


Brian Moak is the owner of HEART Certified Auto Care. HEART stands for Helping Everyone Achieve Reliable Transportation. His way of doing business has earned him a 99% retention rate. Brian lives by the “two customer” mantra – one that walks through the front door, and one that walks through the back door to clock in.
Their mission statement says it all, “Grow deliberately. Balance ambition with understanding. Revolutionize the norm. Embrace the unexpected. Always look beyond what you see. Never count on a silver bullet. Get involved. Listen to understand and share with transparency. Stay true to who you are. Inspire through integrity. Live your values – they are your foundation. Hold others accountable, and provide the necessary tools to thrive. Continuously adapt. Seek the honesty in hardship and learn from your mistakes. Own your actions. Trade expectations for appreciation. Believe. Lead from your heart.”

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