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Contributing to a Better Community – Greater Bridgeport Transport


If someone asked you, “What are the most exciting industries?” … public transportation probably wouldn’t come to mind. But what if a large city’s bus service could help transform its community through leadership and service? Our guest today shows us how it’s done.

Doug Holcomb serves with Greater Bridgeport Transport, a bus service for Connecticut’s largest city. Doug has been working to increase employee interactions in an effort to improve their overall service. His main goal has been to provide training to increase trust as a gateway to improve interpersonal relationships within the agency. As a result, the trust flows outward to their customers. If you have customers or clients, this episode is packed with helpful tips on developing trust within your team and contributing to your community.

More information about Greater Bridgeport Transit: GBT is a provider of public bus transportation in the Bridgeport, Connecticut region. The agency provides city bus service and special door-to-door service for riders with disabilities. GBT has been in operation for 38 years.. GBT provides nearly 6 million rides every year. The mission of the agency is simple: Contributing to a better community through public transportation.

 You’ll discover: 

  • How Doug came to Greater Bridgeport Transit, and how he developed the idea of increasing trust in the agency.
  • The ways Doug encourages success in his team.
  • How transportation officials in other cities have reacted to GBT’s success.
  • Why mission and vision are so critical to the success of an organization.
  • Several metrics that demonstrate GBT’s improvements over the last several years.
  • How public transportation can contribute to a better community.
  • The relationship between a systems failure and a values failure.
  • How to improve your employee review process.

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