Success Built on Being Human First with Gainsight COO, Allison Pickens


Allison Pickens, COO at Gainsight, is an internationally known thought leader on driving subscription revenue growth and scaling teams. As the Chief Operating Officer, Allison is focused on generating excellence in company-wide strategy and execution, as well as new corporate development opportunities and evangelism. Allison was named one of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women and a Top Customer Service Influencer.  She studied at Yale and Stanford so we know she is wicked smart.

Allison built and scaled Gainsight’s post-sales functions, including a global team of more than 180 team members across Customer Success Management, Professional Services, Support, Customer Marketing, Value Consulting, and Customer Engineering. She also built Gainsight’s Corporate Development (M&A) function and is General Manager of Gainsight PX, an acquired business. Before that, she built Gainsight’s Sales Development and Business Operations teams.

Gainsight understands that business success relies on customer success.  Their business model is to help businesses connect with their customers and build deep relationships.  They practice that in-house too.  Their culture is built on humanity first.  They focus on creating and codifying their company values where it can live in their business daily.  They believe in leading by example and, if possible, finding the best fit for each employee, understanding that it may change over time.  Instead of tossing talent, they appreciate their gifts and work with them to keep the relationship alive.  Or, they help them find another place where they can flourish.

For more information about Allison and Gainsight:

Company Website

Gainsight on Twitter

Allison on Twitter

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