How Do You Manage Your Face with Shannon Adkins, CEO, Future State

future state

Shannon Adkins is a thought leader and CEO of this woman-owned, 100% employee-owned consulting company with a triple bottom line where people get to be themselves. After years of working for startups, tech companies, and in corporate America, getting her MBA, and starting a family, Shannon decided she wanted to work somewhere where she could be fully expressed as a mom, a volunteer, and a badass business woman.  The changes she initiated led to revenue doubling in 24 months, new offerings, new clients in new industries, new teams and leaders.  Shannon challenges herself to always ask “why,” and to make sure business solutions contribute to creating a world that works for everyone. Here is my favorite quote of Shannon’s, “That’s the thing about values. It’s not enough to believe in them, we have to take actions that support them every day.”

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