emily george

" I like these events. It's good the way you break people up and start bringing out ideas and then bring us back together for more of a deep dive.." Emily Price


"It's hard to be yourself when your boss is sitting right across from you. Here we come together as human beings and communicate what we feel. I like this type of event." Nargess Kaviani

michael price

" Definitely liked the format because it allows you to speak to one another and share ideas." Michael Price

david daniels

"I thought this was by far one of the most productive uses of technology and information sharing. I really liked how you did this" David Daniels

brian drysdale

"Love the very fast-paced forty-five minutes.  We went through a lot with a lot of people engaged in the conversation.  The knowledge gain and sharing of ideas were very well handled."  Brian Drysdale

Jeff Molander

"Some of the best ideas came toward the end (in the main room discussion). It was a wonderful surprise.." Jeff Molander

Rama Krishna Shikaram

"I met a lot of profound personalities, highly experienced people. I felt I should be a part of this." Rama Krishna Shikaram


"I was so impressed that I already registered for next month's event." Sharon Roediger

jj dunn

"It was a pleasure to join and an absolute blast to participate" J. J. Dunn


"It's nice to get involved with other groups outside your own profession" Denise Dryburgh

FRE July Brenda Gemmell

"This was something new and different and it inspired me.” Brenda Gemmell

FRE July Mike Montague

"This was super fun! I like meeting cool playful humans.” Mike Montague

FRE June Angel Hoffman

"I liked the overall format and how quickly things moved...met people I would like to network with." Angel Hoffman

FRE June Chris Williams

"Overall, great connections, doesn’t take a lot of time, and lots of great conversation. What I liked most was connecting with those in other industries. " Chris Williams

FRE May Angela Thompson

"This is some good stuff. I look forward to more.” Angela Thompson

FRE May Clarissa Bradstock

“So rewarding and fun.” Clarissa Bradstock

FRE April Troy Hooper

"I thought the format, the flow and the timing was very good. And, your facilitation made it much more effective. " Troy Hooper

FRE April Nesha Knox

"I really enjoyed the conversation and insight from everyone. Nesha Knox

FRE March Frank Duzicky

"This was the most productive hour I've spent in a facilitated learning event in a very long time.” Frank Duzicky

FRE March Beth Dalton Morris

"What stood out for me was that I love this platform of collaborating.” Beth Dalton Morris

FRE February Susan Barrett

"I did like the breakout sessions, to get feedback from others. It was very interesting to hear perspectives from other industries. " Susan Barrett

FRE February Joe Caurso

"The Fun Roundtable Experience (FRE) is a lightning-fast, collaborative problem-solving event that’s fun and the notes are captured and done for you.” Joe Caurso

FRE January Julie Friend

“Loved the dialog, breakout room was very informative. Enjoyed being able to meet some new people in a safe space.” Julie Friend

FRE January Laura Kepner

“Your comments in the post meeting were wonderful.” Laura Kepner

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