Create Your Own Unique Fun Roundtable Experience (FRE)…Why?

A Fun Roundtable Experience would benefit you if…..

In your workplace:

  • You want ideas from extroverts and introverts
  • You are looking for answers to questions previously unanswered
  • You want to crowdsource intelligent ideas and solutions from an expert audience
  • You want an increase in your employee engagement
  • You want to find out what your workforce really thinks

Authors - Find out what people think about your IP

Trainers – Give people a better opportunity to remember and use what you said

What is included in your Fun Roundtable Experience Package?

  • Initial Strategic Meetings
  • What is the goal
    • What is the focused question
  • Pick Team Leads
    • Set Team Leads training
    • Team Leads will also receive a training guide they can use during the FRE
  • Marketing plan
    • External
    • In-house
  • Production
    • Manage event
      • Entry
      • Break-out rooms
    • Facilitate and MC
      • Opening
      • Main Room Discussion
      • Closing and next steps
  • Postproduction
    • Audio and Video of Main Room Discussion
    • E-Book
      • Jamboards and their participants
      • Overview of information presented
      • Additional resources specific to the topic
  • Behind the Scenes what do we do?
    • Create zoom meeting
    • Create Jamboards
    • Create E-book

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