Kernels of Truth Through Communication with Evan Hackel


When was the last time you communicated with someone and truly used the skills necessary to create the art of communication?

Today’s guest Evan Hackel creator of Ingaging Leadership and the author of Ingaging Leadership is here to talk with us about the importance of proper communication. When having a conversation with someone whether in your business or personal life, do you listen for the ‘kernel of truth’? More than likely not. Many of us hear what someone is saying and then move on. Truly listening to what the truth is in someone’s message has changed the way Evan has managed his businesses.  Evan Hackel is a evan hackelbusinessman successfully starting and running more than 10 companies. Evan would go on to bring one of those companies back from bankruptcy to then exceed $2 billion in sales in only four years.

More information about Evan Hackel: Evan is recognized as a thought leader, speaker and successful author on leadership. Evan has appeared on a few podcasts and has also been interviewed by several magazines such as; Entrepreneur and Franchising World.

You’ll discover:

  • The benefits of really listening for the truth.
  • The importance of being unconscious and competent.
  • Why you should only focus on one thing at a time.
  • The power of ideas within conversations.
  • Why successful communication is a necessary skill in your business and personal life.

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