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Increasing Engagement in the Workplace – Julie Ann Sullivan

employee engagement

Did you know that by 2020, there will be a shortage of 5 million workers across all industries? This translates to more choices for workers and a greater need for employee engagement. Money is no longer the dominant factor that drives a person’s choice of where to work. How can you help employees be more engaged and create a culture that will help your company thrive both now and in the future?

On this episode, you’ll learn practical tips and strategies that will help you add value to employees and create a culture they love. I’ll share why communication, collaboration, and change management skills are so important and how to help employees develop them. These used to be known as “soft skills” but are now considered essential. Don’t miss this episode that’s packed full of ideas to help you create an environment that exudes success!

You’ll discover:

  • Why employee engagement is so important to your company.
  • Practical ways to help employees develop skills such as communication, collaboration, and change management.
  • How much money you can add to a 50-person company’s bottom line by increasing employee productivity by just 5%.
  • Several benefits of creating a positive workplace culture.
  • How engagement helps people become better problem solvers, salespeople, and customer service reps.
  • Examples of engagement practices you can use immediately in your company.
  • How engagement impacts your company’s CSR (corporate social responsibility).
  • Why money is no longer the most important criteria that people use to decide where to work.
  • How employee engagement helps employees be more productive and creative.
  • Why the lack of employee engagement in the coming years is going to become a critical problem as our workforce becomes more sophisticated and discerning.
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