Your Path to Being the Best Place to Work

Employee Engagement as it was meant to be. Engaging! This Masterclass was created to be experienced in a group setting to enhance collaboration, creativity and civility. It is available in an online format or expertly facilitated by Julie Ann Sullivan, your catalyst of culture.

Your organization is progressive and you know there’s value in employee engagement. You are committed to the process, but realize you continually need to find new innovative ways to build a workplace that ROCKS! Now that it is an employee market and not the employer’s, your employee experience is more important than ever.

This program is the result of interviews with more than 60 C-Suite leaders who have created and sustained outstanding cultures in their companies. In addition, Julie Ann has incorporated her own experience, research and conversations with other top-notch consultants to author the book Blueprint for Employee Engagement – 37 Essential Elements to Influence, Innovate and Inspire. From that book, a solution was created to give you a place to start, a path to follow and a guide to use in the future.

Say hello to a video program designed for collaborative learning. Engagement at its best!



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